Thirsty Sword Lesbians
Two people fighting, or maybe flirting?

Thirsty Sword Lesbians SRD

The Chosen

The Chosen playbook revolves around special status, relationships across social strata, and the crushing expectations of fate, family, or the adoring public.

Their central conflict is inner truth versus crushing social expectations.

Example Archetypes:

  • Magical Princess
  • Pop Idol
  • Chosen One


(circle or invent one for each)

  • Stoic demeanor, benevolent demeanor, authoritative demeanor
  • Fancy clothes, holy vestments, clothes denoting status
  • A bejeweled sword, an ancestral sword, a holy sword


Choose one column of stats, then add 1 each to two different stats.

Stat Set 1 Set 2
Daring -1 +0
Grace +1 +1
Heart +1 +0
Wit +0 +1
Spirit +0 -1


They keep telling you that you have a Destiny, but it’s not what your heart truly desires. What is it?

Destiny Examples:

  • Marry the Prince of Heteronormia
  • Be sacrificed to appease the Horror
  • Banish magic from the world
  • Melt the heart of the Undying One

Choose two Heroic Aspects and two Tragic Aspects from the following lists. When you act in accordance with one of your Aspects, check it off and take +1 forward. If it’s a Tragic Aspect, also mark XP. When all four Aspects are checked off, describe how your Destiny grows ever nearer, then erase the check marks and begin again.

Destiny Aspects:

Heroic Aspects Tragic Aspects
Portents & Prophecies Love that Cannot Be
Spiritual Prowess End of the Universe
Heir to a Mystic Power Lose Those You Love
Prominent Suitors Arch-Nemesis
Save Your World Bitter Rival
Soother of Monsters Betrayal
Helper of the Masses Seduced by Evil
Chosen by a God Coveted Destiny
Legendary Skill The End of Love Itself

You may fulfill your Destiny in the course of play, or reject it so firmly that you no longer feel pressure to fulfill it. This deserves a climactic scene either way, and trying to reject your Destiny draws the full wrath of your Aspects and those pressing you to fulfill it. Afterwards, choose a new Destiny, adopt a new playbook, or live happily ever after.

Playbook Moves

(start with the move marked and choose two more)

The Fated Day Approaches: Whenever you miss an opportunity to make progress towards your Destiny, choose 1:

  • Someone with power over you makes an uncomfortable demand in furtherance of your Destiny, backed by a threat
  • The PC you care about the most receives bad news or has an accident serious enough to make them Stagger

The GM will tell you the details, inspired by your Destiny. They may wait until a lull in the action to drop the consequences on you.

Don’t You Know Who I Am?: When you meet someone who knows you by reputation (you decide), roll +Heart:

  • 10+: Say two things they’ve heard about you
  • 7–9: You say one, the GM says one

Entourage: You have a group of loyal attendants. Name three of them who accompany you and choose a trait for them: Dangerous, Fanatical, Resourceful, Charming

Choose a basic move. Your entourage grants you a +1 on rolls for this move when present. When you would Stagger, you may choose instead for one of your named Entourage to die. If you do, your Entourage gains a String on you.

Gossip: When you seek insight about a person by spending some time gossiping with those who know them, roll +Wit:

  • 10+: You learn a dangerous secret and gain a String on the target. You may also ask a question from the Figure Out a Person move.
  • 7–9: You may ask a question from the Figure Out a Person move.

Someone you speak to who is dangerous to you may ask a question of you from the same list.

Guidance from Above: When you petition a superior for guidance, they give you instructions and useful information. Mark XP or clear a Condition if you do as commanded. They gain a String on you if you do otherwise.

Help Me~~!: You’re a magnet for trouble and hunted by those who would use you for their own purposes. Others mark XP when they Defy Disaster that would otherwise befall you. In addition, whenever you’re captured, your captor reveals something they hope to achieve; gain a String on them and mark XP.

Know Your Place!: When someone dares insult you and you deliver a scathing retort, roll +Wit:

  • 10+: Word spreads of your sharp wit, take +1 forward, and they choose 1
  • 7–9: They choose 1
    • Back down
    • Make a fool of themself
    • Attack you

Truths of Heart and Blade

Love Is Not My Destiny: When you become Smitten with someone, say why, give them a String, and answer this question:

How do our respective stations make it impossible to be together?

Inescapable Conclusions: When you Figure Out a Person during a physical conflict, you may ask one additional question from this list, even on a 6-:

  • What do you hope for your future?
  • What do you fear is your destiny?

Playing the Chosen

To be Chosen is to face the demands of others at every turn. You’re frequently the center of attention—more often than not because people want something from you. Your Destiny gives you power and influence at the cost of your self-determination.

You also have the opportunity to do a bit of worldbuilding. Who believes in your Destiny? Do you have a whole religion behind you, or legions of fans? Your choice of Destiny also affects the story of the game significantly; work with your GM to make sure your choices fit the story well, particularly if they already have a scenario in mind.

You can be creative in interpreting the Destiny Aspects listed, or work with your GM to create your own. Acting in accordance with an Aspect doesn’t mean that the Aspect has to literally happen. The “End of the Universe” Aspect doesn’t require the universe to end. Instead, it’s enough for the cracks in reality to show, for the Chosen to give up a chance to delay the end, or for this looming Aspect to otherwise influence the Chosen’s story.

If you fulfill your Destiny and wish to change playbooks, any of them can work well. The Devoted and the Seeker continue themes of obligation, which may feel too similar to the Chosen’s theme, or may be a comfortable continuation.

If you choose a new playbook and reject your Destiny, you might overcompensate and become a Scoundrel. You might begin to see the beauty outside of the strict dictates of a powerful society and become a Beast. Or you might turn your power to the service of the Unseen as a Spooky Witch.