Thirsty Sword Lesbians
Two people fighting, or maybe flirting?

Thirsty Sword Lesbians SRD

More Scenario Ideas

These ideas aren’t fleshed out beyond their blurb. If they appeal to you, make them your own!

Beaver Crossing: On the surface, it looks just like any other small town in rural America. But Beaver Crossing isn’t named for dam-building critters swimming across the river: it’s named for the crossing of swords between immortal champions who live among mortals in secret. What made Beaver Crossing a traditional site for duels between immortals? Are you the ones who keep the secret battle from disrupting the lives of mortals, or are you here to shake things up? Why do the immortals fight? Are the PCs immortals, or are they mortals who are at odds with the haughty strangers using their town as an arena?

Dragons and Dungeons: We know adventurers want to seduce everything in the dungeon, but we “monstrous humanoids” aren’t interested in surface-dwellers who just want to take. Play sexy monster queers in a cute drama focused on the home community of the dungeon, or venture forth and explore the repressive and judgmental surface world.

Flirting with Disaster: The cishets killed the planet; we’re going to bring it back to life. Was it nuclear war? Climate change? A hellmouth? The world has always been deadly and hostile to us; they just leveled the playing field.

It Doesn’t Belong in Your Museum: The treasures and relics of your cultures have been plundered and brought to the imperial core. Retrieve them from fortress-like museums guarded by deadly traps, keen-eyed adversaries, and misdirected fury from the relics themselves. Don’t be surprised if the curators want to add you to their collection.

Sworded Affairs: Your realm is progressive and positive, but fragile. A word whispered in the right ear or a well-placed blade could bring it all down, and you’re sworn to keep that from happening. Your realm could be as small as a village or as large as you desire, depending on how personal and community-oriented you want the game to be.

You May Now Kiss the Bride: You are expert wedding planners who travel from planet to planet to troubleshoot the most troubled of weddings. Or maybe you solve problem marriages before they start, using a combination of swordplay and seduction.

For even more scenario ideas, check out What if, Not Swords?, page 219, which discusses adaptations that focus not on sword fighting, but on different forms of intimate conflict.