Thirsty Sword Lesbians
Two people fighting, or maybe flirting?

Thirsty Sword Lesbians SRD

Adventure Guide

Each adventure here provides you with a starting situation and questions for specific playbooks or the players in general, which help establish the world and relationships. If you’re comfortable improvising, ask these questions at the start of the session. Or you can ask them during a character-creation session and take a break before your first session of play, so you have more time to prepare.

Best Day of Their Lives: The emissaries of the interplanetary realm of Queertopia travel to an important political wedding in Heteronormia. What could go wrong?

Constellation Festival: The Joyful People range far and wide in the Valley of Three Rivers, between two mountain ranges. Despite the great distances, each community of the People sends a delegation to the Island of Stars each year to share news, ritual, and camaraderie.

Gal Paladins: A group of feminist paladins receives an urgent plea for help when a new goddess takes over a nearby town.

Sword Lesbians of the Three Houses: After a devastating war, the children of the three warring realms are schooled together, in the hopes that lasting bonds can be created to avert a repeat of the devastation. But peace may not suit everyone...

Monster Queers of Castle Gayskull: When Vanguard landed in her spaceship to conquer your world, some saw her as a liberator. The Princesses ruled over beautiful lands, but exiled anyone too different, too monstrous. You all arrived at Castle Gayskull for different reasons, with different loyalties, but the castle gave you a common purpose. You must rely on one another, because neither faction in this war is looking out for you.

Sparkle Heart Magic Force Go! It’s been years since the Mystical Guardians of the Sparkle Heart received their call to arms. Seemingly ordinary college students transformed to battle the Eidolons, otherworldly monsters of eerie beauty and vicious intent. Thanks to the Mystical Guardians, the gate was sealed—just in time for finals! The PCs parted ways after graduation, and the Sparkle Heart became a distant memory. Years later, they’re going to have to remember their power and their friendship to confront a new threat.