Thirsty Sword Lesbians
Two people fighting, or maybe flirting?

Thirsty Sword Lesbians SRD

The Yuisa Revolution

Alexis Sara


Yuisa is a utopia where everyone can be who they are and no one is anyone’s boss. The island of Yuisa is a collective of refugees and Indigenous. You all must protect your home from colonial and imperial forces using your charm, your wit, and your sword. Oh yeah, and you also have the world’s first airship, so that will help too. The monsters are your friends, the states are your enemies, and you’ve got a buttload of radical sapphic love on your side.


Make Feelings of Community

The people of Yuisa are a family. It’s not a place of isolation, but a place where people are around one another. When on the island, it should feel like a place worth fighting for, the potential of the world at large. That feeling of community should translate to your thirsty sword lesbians, whether it’s carried by the team’s dynamic or the way they treat others.

Love Wins

Your sword is awesome and some people just need to get fought, but violence shouldn’t always be the answer. Finding people’s needs, wants, and desires and trying to help them get that is a great way to make life easier for the team.

Viva la Revolution

Be bold and dream of a better world than the one we live in. Fight to protect that world and maybe inspire others to make it for themselves too. You might live in a slice of paradise, but almost everyone in Yuisa is from somewhere else, and people shouldn’t have to run to live good lives.


The Island of Yuisa is home to your party; on it lies your community, your home. You may have lived here for a day or your whole life; this community means something to you. Nature is intertwined with the buildings and structures formed here; the animals cross peacefully across the living spaces, living in harmony with the humans. Love is radical, and people hold many loves in their hearts. People are free to come and go as they wish, always a part of the family in Yuisa. Everyone can be who they are; they have developed many methods—magical and based in the fruits and herbs of the island—to help people’s bodies shape into their ideal forms. There is no hierarchy, no boss, there are experts and those who handle tasks but every role is a choice here. People from the outside fear the dangerous island; it is nature, untamed, filled with mountains and other such hurdles that naturally protect its people.

The Drakekonian Empire is the largest force in the known world. Although it doesn’t rule all of its continent, it rules at least half. Society is very controlled in the Empire’s borders, with exceptions only made for the elite. Humans are the dominant race by design, although the Emperor himself has taken many a monster bride, making him a #wokebae for a war criminal racist. Outside of his fetishization, he runs the Empire strictly, cutting down any who challenge his authority or his desires. The Drakekonian Empire’s military continues its expansion constantly but now has its eyes set on Yuisa despite the natural disadvantage.

Marketopia is a country on the continent separated by “the disputed zone” from the Empire. Marketopia has no monarchy but elected offices held by people who used to be monarchy or were rich enough to influence an election. The nation is known for its innovations and economic success, for the people who already had money. While in passive conflict with the Empire, out-and-out invasion is staved off due to their partnerships with companies from Marketopia.


Attack and Dethrone the Goddess

The Empire has captured Alexandra, the daughter of the founders of Yuisa’s collective and creator of the first airship. She had done her best to help meet individual needs in Yuisa even as the Empire encroached. The Empire has made her into the goddess whose essence she held. Now she exists as their pawn, using her new-found power against her own whims to expand the Empire. The crew must defeat the Emperor, free the girl, and save the world. How hard could it possibly be?

Adventure Ideas:

There is no way you can do this alone; you need to unite your allies together. Prove yourselves worthy to friends you made along the way to gather them together. Everyone can contribute groups of people or characters that they journeyed with in the past.

The Ultimate Clash of Love! Alexandra meant something to everyone. To win this battle, you’ll need more than your sword, but your heart as well. The team must fight against the Empire to reach the heart of the goddess and get back who she was.

The Emperor stands strong with his personal army. You may have gotten rid of the goddess, but he will stop at nothing to win. It’s time to take him down and start something new and better. Believe in your community, your found family, and kick some ass.

Propaganda but Make It Hot

The PCs are here to make love, not war, and who isn’t seduced by a sword lesbian? Enter the Empire (or other nations), and you must try to build solidarity with the people. The flashy fighting can be left to warriors; your swords are for rare use when all else fails.

Adventure Ideas:

There is a grand ball going on. Take a date or go alone; come for the fun and stay to steal some hearts for the cause. Can you all convince these people to work to help others? What happens when a general from the Empire shows up fashionably late?

Time to put on a show! The team must set up an area to display Yuisa’s culture, art, and more. The state doesn’t exactly like this cultural exchange, so it’s time to get creative on how to show it off.

In the Arena of the Goddess, all nations participate once a year with teams of champions that battle against one another. Every year the Empire wins, but this year Yuisa is going to enter, steal the spotlight, and win hearts and minds on this massive stage.


The PCs know the Empire is making moves to take over their home. A special team of volunteers go on the world’s first airship to mess up the Empire’s various schemes. It’s time to do what you can to stop them.

Adventure Ideas:

The Empire has found a secret weapon that will help them get past the natural defenses of Yuisa. The PCs must steal, destroy, or otherwise remove it from their care.

The Empire has blocked a supply chain that was being sent to Yuisa in a disrupted piece of land. The team must try to retrieve it and extract those who were bringing it from the Empire’s capture.

The Empire is capturing people to groom into warriors against their will. The team must stop them and return these people to their homes (or to Yuisa, if they wish to go there instead). How do they go about it: infiltrating, all-out battle, seduction?



Alexandra Flock (she/her): A crow woman. Her expansive wings and pointy ears mixed with her ability to shift into a massive crow all reflect the abilities passed down from her mother Amira Flock, former princess of a far isle of bird people, who often nested in Yuisa. Amira and her wife Argentina were the founders of the Yuisa collective that settled in the lands. Born in Yuisa, she works very hard to make this place the best it can be. She has a radiant feathered sword that can turn into a lance, which her mother Argentina used when she was Commander of the Empire’s forces. She firmly believes more places should be like Yuisa, after hearing stories from refuge to refuge and building the world’s first (and currently only) airship. Alexandra ventures off to help people escape and to visit her various girlfriends that live off the island. Inventing isn’t her only talent; she’s also a master thief. She uses stealing to avoid violence, sweeping in to steal enemy parties’ weapons and force them to fall back. The Emperor thinks she is the reincarnation of a goddess and wants to make her his.

Attabeira (they/them): A Gorgon, indigenous to Yuisa, who lives with the collective. They are very friendly and curious. Attaberia is an expert on the wild parts of Yuisa and is more than tough enough to help defend Yuisa at home. With their expertise, the PCs can explore the areas of Yuisa yet uncovered by even them. The Gorgon ability to turn people to stone is more of a myth, although some Gorgon witches such as Attabeira can enchant their eyes to have many effects on the people they see. This talent is passed down culturally rather than genetically. Attabeira’s sword has snakes at the ends of the hilt and the blade shines a bold blue.

Drakekonian Empire

General Mal Drakekonia (she/her): A daughter of the Emperor and General of the Imperial Forces. Unknown to her, she is part dragon, and the great wyvern she flies on is actually a dragon as well. Her father’s love never truly shined on her, but he could not deny her might. As General, she is a powerful force that has never lost a battle. However, the Imperial Forces are far less ruthless than other factions. Her sword is made of red dragon scales, a chilling reminder of the power she keeps. Secretly, Mal harbors a hatred for her father for his treatment of her siblings and herself, and wishes for him to die so she can take the throne and fix his sins. If there were hope at beating him, perhaps she might change sides—that is, if your team can prove themselves capable.

Emperor Drake Drakekonia (he/him): The Emperor of the Drakekonian Empire and a massive asshole, to put it lightly. He’s a powerful warrior but gained his throne through assassinations made to look like accidents until it was his turn to hold the title. He fanatically believes in the legends of the goddess and will do anything to bring a goddess under his control and use her power to extend his whims to the fabrics of reality. He uses scapegoating to manipulate his people to ignore their own oppression and focus on enemies of other natures, monster folk, and any who oppose him. Emperor Drake carries a large lance.


Christina Clombize (she/her): The rich daughter of a merchant family in Marketopia. She has internalized a lot of the ideas of her nation, believing that anyone can work their way up like her father did—with just the support of a noble family in another country and a little accidental death of a competitor. Still, she has a lot of expectations on her shoulders and holds a lot of power. Is it worth making a deal with the devil to work with her? Or perhaps you could make the devil leave the markets behind and work towards equality. Her sword is a fancy rapier adorned with jewels that are probably from stolen land or extorted labor somewhere she never had to see.

Raycoon Rapid (they/them, ze/zir): An inventor with a passion for creating gadgets of all kinds. Ze are very caring and make things because they want others to be happy. However, that doesn’t exactly vibe with Marketopia, and they are often on the run because they give things for free that out-compete “the market.” Raycoon is good at using materials ze find in the trash to build cool things and thus far has managed to escape from situations. This raccoon icon’s sword is always equipped with some new experimental tech.


Meowlody (she/her, they/their, fae/faer): A cat folk and a professional thief. She’s always willing to sell to the highest bidder, it’s a cat-eat-cat world out there and she’s just trying to live after being burnt so many times. Meowlody is a good person and won’t betray those she thinks are honestly good, but also will avoid going out of faer way to help others when first meeting them. Their sword can turn into a whip, and they’re very cunning with the applications of it. They have a lot of complicated feelings, but at the end of the day they want to help other people who suffered even if fae won’t admit it to herself.

Nalia Sol (xe/xir, she/her): A were-monster. At night xe becomes a random monster; no rhyme or reason really that xe knows of. Nalia is a wanderer, looking for a home and community, having been cast out several times due to her nature. Nalia is a kind soul and friend to orphans wherever she goes, helping them out whenever possible. Nalia’s sword is like her “curse,” seemingly changing whenever she does.


  • Aceuther
  • Amora
  • Bimbx
  • Darcy
  • Dyina
  • Haruka
  • Hetono
  • Lezly
  • Lily
  • Marxy
  • Panxis
  • Sapphire
  • Vampurra
  • Wolfbetha
  • Zan

Custom Rules

Character Creation: Why Do You Care about Yuisa?

When you create a character, decide why they care about Yuisa, why they defend it, and something important that it stands for. Wherever you come from, there is something in Yuisa that isn’t anywhere else you have been.